Photo by  David Maesen

Photo by David Maesen


Peter was born in 1976 in Eeklo, a Flemish town in Belgium. At the age of 10 he decided he wanted to become a professional guitar player. When he was 18 he left his hometown to study jazz guitar. He graduated at Jazz Studio in Antwerp, the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp and Lemmens Institute of Louvain.

Although he was schooled as a jazz guitar player, his passion for Arabic, Indian, flamenco and classical music deeply influenced his way of playing and composing. That is why his projects are often classified as 'world music', 'crossover' or 'fusion'.

Peter plays in various bands with different styles. Modern jazz with 'Criterium3' and 'Multitude'; interpretations of classical pieces with 'Bel Ayre' and world music with 'Dame Jeanne', 'Saragon' and 'Indio LOURO'. He also writes for theatre productions as 'Tal en Thee' and 'STAU' and teaches jazz guitar at the Jazzstudio in Antwerp. He plays with musicians that come from different backgrounds and genres: Lieselot de Wilde, Chris Mentens, Herman Pardon, Baba Sissoko, Saulius Petreikis, Dick van der Harst and Chris Dane. Peter is interested in reaching out and play all over the world and setting up international collaborations and partnerships. 


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